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Sick Ollie the Pirate by IanABlakeman
Sick Ollie the Pirate

Sick Ollie is a terrible Skateboarder and an average pirate but DAMN them pirate ships have some killer rails! 

I haven’t been drawing much lately due to overtime and I just wanted to do something quick and fun!

Available over at redbubble! here

Cpt'Murica: Civil War by IanABlakeman
Cpt'Murica: Civil War
So I have been doing a lot of overtime over the past two weeks and drawing hit an all time low. However I somehow found the energy to produce this in honor of both Cpt’Murica! Civil War and by good Friend PhaseChan:iconphasechan: who gave the best review of the movie you could give!

“It’s a movie about everybody chasing Bucky and no one getting him!”

So this is my summary of the movie in four panels! Bit of fun to remind me I can art!

Please check out my work over at Redbubble
Bardbarian by IanABlakeman

So a pretty simple idea for a cross over but has been great fun to draw Especially with all the Dethlok I listened to while Drawing and colouring!

This is what happens when your bard takes one level in barbarian. nothing but Power Chords!!

You can purchase this as a t-shirt and all sorts of other merchendise over atmy Redbubble Store. Just follow the link Here.

I've got the Prospector! by IanABlakeman
I've got the Prospector!

So I was thinking of cowboys (whole other story) and I just started thinking about the love of beards and I don't think their is any higher sign of a fashionable beard as one that hasn't seen a razor in years and is 60% alcohol stains! So born was the prospector, a beard that is so manly it resist cleaning products, stores food for easy access later and grows out your ears!

Let us cast aside these wimpy Lumberjacks who "trim" and go all out unkempt westerner!

Can purchase this over at my REDBUBBLE SHOP

Just follow the link here partner!

and thanks for looking!

Mech-0-topus by IanABlakeman
My girlfriend asked me to draw her a Mecha Octopus. It took two nights and wasn't meant to be so detailed so decided, what the hey lets post it! Hope you like!

You can find this at my REDBUBBLE STORE. Just go HERE

Thanks for stopping by my gallery and taking a look around.

The following prices are estimates of the cost of my commission prices.

Black and White Line art
one Basic character - £30
additional Characters - +£20
Simple Background - £20

Colour will be priced on the time it takes to completely colour.
one basic character - £50.
Additional Characters - +£30
Simple Background - £40

These are minimum prices and I will give you a full quote before I undertake any work.

Also my work is always available from my Redbubble Shop where you can find all types of merchandise from basic art prints and stickers right up to clothing, mugs and books.

Thank you for your interest and happy browsing.


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Ian Alexander (Luke) Blakeman
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Trained as an illustrator at Gloucester University I passed with a 2:1 and gained an Honours degree. but as with life there are bills to pay and I fell back on my other profession, trained by my brother and colleges I am also a chef.

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